On its completion, HEDforALL outcomes will: 

  1. Meet the needs of SwD in accessible resources and support them during higher education.  
  2. Improve higher education system by moving towards more proactive intervention approaches that increase all HEIs’ capacity to provide high-quality accessible educational material and support inclusive DE for SwD.  
  3. Contribute to the digital transformation of HEIs.  
  4. Enable teaching staff to develop digital skills and key competences on producing accessible educational material.  
  5. Support teaching staff and accessibility advisors to be effectively prepared to support SwD to participate in all educational opportunities, making steps towards inclusive, equal education for all.  
  6. Develop attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, skills and behaviours that support inclusion. By raising awareness and promoting derived solutions that support inclusion, it is envisaged that EU countries will enable more interaction between SwD and students with no disabilities. 
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